Actuary of the Year 2023

Sponsored by AON 

“At Aon, we are delighted to sponsor the Actuarial Post – Actuary of the Year award 2023 for the sixth consecutive year and honour the actuarial profession for their immense contribution in financial services.  The actuarial skillset is broad and deep, testament to the wide variety of roles actuaries perform and reflected by the large number of exams needed to qualify.  What differentiates actuaries from other professionals is their ability to quantify and communicate risk by analysing model results and overlaying qualitative domain knowledge.  This core skillset remains at the heart of their work, even as traditional roles have expanded into new areas such as data analytics, enterprise risk management and environmental finance.

We welcome nominations for the Award in the coming months and look forward to unveiling this year’s honoree! “

Sam Worthington, Head of P&C Technology, Strategy & Technology Group, Aon

Sam Worthington, Head of P&C Technology

Strategy & Technology Group, Aon

Forward-thinking insurance companies need the resilience and capacity to embrace the increase in current and future risks.  In response, Aon has formed the Strategy and Technology Group (STG) to help insurers futureproof their businesses whilst exploring profitable opportunities, boosting enterprise efficiency and driving the financial health of our clients.  Our strategy proposition is underpinned by our technology suite (Tyche, ReMetrica and PathWise) that helps clients deploy capital efficiently and effectively across the enterprise. As companies seek to optimise capital, they face numerous regulatory and operational constraints; these tools provide the platform on which to explore these challenges and respond with confidence through better informed decisions.

We understand the importance of comprehensive insight and planning ahead to the actuary.  Aon’s award-winning suite of risk and capital modelling software enables users to harness insurers’ data to optimise financial planning and reinforce strategic decision making for capital optimisation in the years ahead.

Actuaries are one of the main user groups of our ReMetrica and Tyche software.  One of the differentiating features of our software is the capability to provide an environment tailored to individual needs – from “no-code” out of the box models to fully customised solutions – to help clients make better informed decisions on capital, pricing and reserving. Through our software we place the latest technology in the hands of actuaries to perform all types of financial and risk modelling.

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