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Stars of the Future 2023


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Winners in the November Issue

The awards recognise and highlight the impact and achievements of rising talent in our industry. Future leaders who are already making their mark on the actuarial profession. The global Covid pandemic has changed the working world in a way that nobody would have predicted. Many of us now work in a virtual workplace, where face to face meetings and interviews have been replaced by video calls, and handshakes replaced with a chorus of “you’re on mute”. Actuaries are now able to consider working for firms that previously would have been too far for a daily commute, and both employers and employees have access to a wider range of options – particularly beneficial to firms in ‘the regions’. Most firms have embraced the hybrid model, split between remote and office based, which is a popular option for many. With demand for actuarial talent outweighing supply, employees currently have the luxury of choosing a role that fits their personal preferences. The most positive impact of the pandemic was the reminder that as a profession we are able to adapt, and must continue to do so as workforce and economic demands change.

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