Uma Baska


I’m Uma Baska, a General Insurance Actuary with a modest 20 something years in the field. My journey has led me through various countries—Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, the UK and now some time in Ireland. I’ve worn different hats, from consulting at EY and PWC to various roles at Zurich Financial Services. I have great pride in the actuarial profession and have appreciated its role at the forefront of the general insurance industry. The inherent connection between the actuarial role and insurance company regulation with estimating reserves, pricing and capital, adds nuance and the right challenge for our profession—an aspect I find particularly rewarding. I’ve always enjoyed mentoring colleagues, guiding them through the intricacies of this. 

Outside of work, I live in Brighton, a move made recently, and I am loving being by the sea – being Australian at heart! Being a mum of two, I took a pause to be with my children during their school years and through the lockdowns. Now, I’m back, serving on the Board of AmTrust Ireland and tackling other in-house roles as I am needed in the industry.

The nomination for GI Actuary of the Year is truly humbling – thank you.

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