Rhupesh Bhudia

“I am the Head of Pricing for the Crisis Management division at Hiscox, where I help an international team of underwriters to make decisions that maximise returns for our shareholders and help our clients mitigate their risk appropriately.

My role is broad and I lead projects across portfolio and exposure management, MI, finance, reinsurance purchasing and marketing. My actuarial background helps me to gain deeper insight into risk through data, but just as importantly, understand the limitations of data in decision making. My role demands effective communication with a wide range of stakeholders and I feel Actuarial training has prepared me well for this.

Prior to Hiscox, I was responsible for pricing, reserving, business planning and portfolio management across the short tail portfolio at Brit Insurance. Before that,  I was a consultant at PwC where I spent the first six years of my career.

I am passionate about mentoring and get involved through partnerships with local schools and coaching colleagues in the workplace. “

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