Charlotte Jones

‘Well, that’s a conversation killer’ a travel agent once told me when mentioning I was an actuary. Safe to say we didn’t book our honeymoon that day but I also didn’t have the confidence then to counter her comment. However, my experience in guiding my clients through the ever-changing DB pensions world over the last 13 years has taught me that being an actuary is something to be proud of. I have assisted my clients through everything from volatile funding levels to corporate structural changes. Recently I have led the team in developing XPS’s DB:UK funding tracker to see how UK schemes can navigate their journey to their long-term target. 

A personal high for me has been being the inaugural chair of the XPS women’s network over the past year. To play a part in boosting the confidence and careers of my colleagues has been amazing and getting to know all of the women at XPS has been even better. 

At home I’m mum to two young boys, I try and squeeze in workouts at 6am before everyone wakes up and I love sewing to relax.

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