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AON ReMetrica

Actuary of the Year 2021

Sponsored by AON Re-Metrica

“Actuaries serve a critical role in assessing financial risks to help insurers minimise the costs of risk and ensure sustainable long-term operations, particularly in the dynamic post-pandemic economy. 

At Aon, we are pleased to once again sponsor the Actuarial Post – Actuary of the Year award 2021 for the fourth consecutive year and honour the actuarial profession for their essential role and immense contribution. “

Paul Maitland, Head of Risk Software, ReMetrica



We recognise that the actuary’s role is expanding and evolving into other areas such as data analytics, enterprise risk management and environmental finance amidst the heightened global alert about climate change.

Businesses today face unprecedented challenges and risks with evolving regulation, accounting standards and economic pressures.  Hence risk modelling has become even more critical today as we navigate new forms of volatility and rethink access to capital.   Aon’s award-winning risk and capital modelling software, ReMetrica, allows users to harness insurers’ data to optimise financial planning and reinforce strategic decision making for capital optimisation. 

We understand the importance of comprehensive insight and planning ahead to the actuary.  By leveraging the latest technology available today, ReMetrica prepares global capital teams with a scalable solution ready for the next 10 years ahead.  Utilising stochastic simulation ReMetrica helps its users analyse catastrophe, reinsurance and financial data for capital optimisation, business planning and reinsurance structuring and pricing.

We welcome nominations for the Award in the coming months and look forward to unveiling this year’s honoree!


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